Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Sleepless nights are finally getting better

Abigail is now 1month, 2weeks and 5days old. She is finally letting me sleep more. We wake up aprox every 2 hours to feed and change, but right back to sleep. Then in the morning I can usually get another hour of sleep by putting her in her bouncer seat and she tends on going back to bed too. I dont know what I would do without that bouncer seat! Its the only way I can take showers when my husband is gone at work. I love being a mom. Sometimes I just stare at her for hours and I usually end up crying. Im not crying because Im sad, but because Im so happy to have her in my life. Its just amazing that Josh and I made her, it doesnt seem real.

I do get bored sitting at home all day though. Its too cold to take her out, but luckily Ive had good family and friends to come visit me when Josh is at work. I sometimes go to the mall just to walk around...well and spend some money on those darn cute baby girl clothes. Im a sucker!

We close on our new house Feb. 9th and Im so nervous. Right now we are waiting for the appraisal to come back. We want it to apraise for 20% more than we are taking out so we dont have to put a down payment on the house. Im just so nervous because we are going to have 2 house payments til our house we live in sells. We have our 2nd open house on Sunday so wish us luck.

Here are some pictures of Abigail since Ive failed to post any yet.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Baby Abigails Room

Here are some pictures of the babies room that Ive gotten done. She got so many clothes! Both dressers are full of clothing up to 9months. I had to pack away the bigger sizes because I had no room. I dont know how she is going to wear all of it, LOL. I still need to get a cute light fixture up in the room, but other than that I think Im pretty much done.

I got this glider at a rummage sale, painted it and put diff. material on it.
My Friend made this for Abigail and the round wood bin on the dresser ;)
Oviously there will be pictures in these once shes born.

I made these letters with my Cricut Cutter ;)

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Time is just flying by!

I cant believe how fast the time is going by. Its true what they say, just enjoy each day of your pregnancy, because its something that wont last forever. Some people hate being pregnant, but I must say I highly enjoy it. Minus the morning sickness and heartburn its been a very easy pregnancy. I just cant wait to meet my little girl. Josh got to feel her move again yesterday. She always seems to stop kicking when he puts his hand on my stomach. He said it feels like shes ready to break out of there, lol. I can only imagine what it feels like when she gets bigger.

Here is my 29week 5day picture

Here is my 30week 5day picture

Sunday, September 28, 2008

28weeks, 2 days

Heres an update on my belly. Its getting bigger every week ;) My tummy has now exceeded my boobs, haha. I got to hang out with Josh(DH)all day today which was really nice! He works alot of out of town, and havent gotten to hang out much lately. It seems every day he is off, Im working an overnight. I cant wait til December 1st! That is my offical last day of work. 8weeks to go...and counting! Overnights are killing me!! I was always the type who could stay up late, but being pregnant and having to stay up overnight is extremely hard. Its so nice to know theres an end in site, thanks to my hard working husband ;)

Saturday, September 27, 2008

If you didnt know already, Its a GIRL!

I know this is old news, but we are having a girl! We are naming her Abigail Jane. Jane is DHs Mother, Grandmother, and Great Grandmothers middle name. My MIL was beyond thrilled that we decided to go with that middle name ;) I cant wait to start doing the nursery. My MIL is coming over wednesday to paint her bedroom. Then I can start to start putting her cute little clothing in her dressers. Now I have to talk my husband into putting together the crib and changing table. I know he cant wait to do that, haha!

Belly pictures from 15weeks-27weeks

Ive decided to join the world of blogging. Here are my belly pics from 15weeks on. I wish I would have taken a before shot. Oh well.

15 WEEK BELLY- Lots of bloating!!!


19 WEEK, 1 DAY


23 WEEK, 5DAYS- My first maternity outfit, and boy was it comfy!



More Belly Pics to come ;)